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Our core markets are located in the heart of the most densely populated regions in Central Florida. We offer our clients the ability to advertise on some of the busiest roadways throughout the Osceola, Volusia, Brevard and Sumter metropolitan regions, and the surrounding suburbs.

With over 200 bus shelters and 50 benches in 4 counties, 20/20 Media gives the power for advertisers to reach the busy consumer on the go.

We are entirely dedicated to producing and maintaining the finest bus shelter and bench advertising displays in the marketplace. Because we develop one sign at a time, we meet every detail of our clientsʼ needs in a way that makes us your number 1 advertising source for central Florida. We present advertisers with the opportunity to reach consumers where they work, live, shop and play.

Because the 20/20 Media team lives and works in our core markets, we can apply a supreme depth of knowledge, experience and understanding on behalf of our clients. Our commitment extends well beyond simply providing sign locations. The relationships we develop are a vital component to the success of our advertisersʼ campaigns.

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